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Which were the key incidents that led her out of her ‘Prison’

Helen Keller.

One of the first things that helped guide her out of her prison of hearing and sight deprivation was the doll.

Having not a care for it, nor the thought of value of the doll, she smashed it hoping to hurt her teacher. But afterwards, when all was calm, she realized the loss of the doll. That she will never be able to have that doll again.

She realized just what she had done, and in the attempt to hurt her teacher, she ended up causing herself the greater pain.

The tree and beach was a big influence in her actions after, although subtle, she shows a bit more caution to elements and surroundings, even just slightly. You can see it a bit in the train trestle part.

Having been so high up in the tree and no one around when the storm hit is a scary enough thought for me, but to not be able to see or hear what’s happening? The feeling of the rain pelting down and the winding trying to blow her off the tree amplified, the smell of the storm, and the feeling of her grip slowly losing hold?

Or at the beach, of her playing and then suddenly finding out what it’s like to nearly drown! The feeling of the waves pulling you down, of sinking into the depths, the feeling of the oxygen burning to be released only to be replaced with the salty taste of water.

Those are nightmares that are among everyday life, the ones we can’t just wake up from.

Learning to read and be able to communicate through the hand version of typing helped sky rocket the road to leaving that prison.

Being able to learn through reading the raised letters, the feeling on her hands as she read each and every letter through the feeling on her hand. Or being able to communicate faster with the hand version of the alphabet.

The feeling her friends or loved ones’ hand in hers, quickly telling any and everything.

The trip to Boston helped a lot too. Learning there were more people out there, more people like her. That couldn’t see, or couldn’t hear. Having her world opened up from not just her home town and a few places she had visited, but now knowing just how big the world was. How many were like her and communicated like her.

But the biggest is when her and her teacher, Anne Sullivan, started to bound. When they got a connection the helped Helen want to learn. You get stories here and there, but just knowing they spent so much time together and they became close enough to be family.

But knowing that Helen originally didn’t like the teachings is what makes the connection even deeper, because she changed her mind. She started to want to learn, to read, to communicate and later learn to talk.

Knowing all of that was not just because of Anne Sullivan, but because of the water flowing in that creek that made everything come alive once more.


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