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Which is more important in writing dialogue from memory?

Accuracy, Succinctness, or liveliness? Why?

I think liveliness is the most important thing when it comes to writing dialogue in general. It’s what draws the reader in and makes everything so much more real, reading things they never knew happened and enjoying it is the biggest job of any writer.

Accuracy is a close second, trying to get things closest to what actually happened is a tough thing to do, especially when you have to keep the interest of the reader in the forefront of the events.

But you still can’t go too far to make it enjoyable/interesting when it is so far from the truth.

One of the examples that pop into mind is the movie “Patch Adams”. In it a man helps cure his patients through humor, a real use of the phrase “laughter is the best medicine!”

The movie is based off an actual doctor that helped in regions where medicines to dull the pain wasn’t a common thing. In one of his cases he helped a little boy who had severe burns laugh through the treatment of them.

The doctor had a friend who helped him with all of it. But in the movie the male coworker and dear friend was turned into a female just to add in a love interest.

Accuracy in dialogue is not as important as making it  interesting, but the accuracy of the events is still extremely important, however I don’t believe you need to do it in very few words.

To me succinctness isn’t that important, you can use a million words to describe something, but as long as it’s lively and handled with care, it’ll work.

However, that being said it is important in certain places, using very few words can make a huge impact but it all depends on the situation.

Using few words to describe your love of something? Not as impact-full as something like using very few words to in an argument. Think about it, how many times have you heard someone say I love something but it never seems like they do?

But the three little words of “I hate you” can hurt no matter who says them.

Accuracy, Succinctness and Liveliness are all important, but they each have their pros and cons. You can’t sacrifice accuracy just for liveliness, then you’ll get something like Patch Adams, trying so hard to appeal to an audience, it took out a major person just because they wanted a love interest.

But you also can’t sacrifice liveliness just for succinctness, they can work together, but you have to know the right places to put let them, or else your story will just be very short sentences and very little dialogue, no matter how accurate.

And you cannot sacrifice succinctness for accuracy. Even if you remember every detail about a certain event, you still need to be brief with certain parts or else it will drag on and end up killing not only the impact of the situation, but even the liveliness of the event.

The three have to be used together and carefully at that, you cannot use one without the possibility of losing another. But, to me, liveliness comes first, with a close accuracy and then succinctness.


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