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Turning points in my life

Ever since I was little I remember my parents being divorced.

And that isn’t a bad thing, I don’t remember a lot of when I was young, but I do remember when I told people that they’d always reply with “Oh, I’m so sorry” and as I kid I had no idea why!

They left each other on good terms, wanting to put their kids first, just like how most divorces should go.

So I don’t remember them ever being together when I was younger, I’ve been told they were, but one of the earliest memories I have is when they were divorced. So I never really had two parents in one house unless my Dad came to visit.

Until later when we heard the news of my Mom’s boyfriend and her wanting to get married.

One of the major turning points in my life was my Mom getting re-married, now most kids would have a problem with this but my siblings and I were all really happy for our Mom!

She seemed so much more lively after she met him, so when we got the news about them getting married, we were all happy for them.

One thing though, is that we had to move to where he was because he owned his house and we only rented, so it was easier. But the packing and moving didn’t bother us, we’d done it numerous times when I was little, so this wasn’t a big deal.

What was a big deal was the first time we met his daughters in person, we only met one in person first, she was the one that lived with their Dad. The other lives with their Mom, so we wouldn’t be able to meet her until later in the year.

I don’t remember much about meeting them, just that at first I was terrified they wouldn’t like me, that it had been building up ever since we got into the moving vehicles.

But I also remember being relieved.

Relieved, not only because they did end up liking me, but because I liked it there, they were nice, my Mom seemed so alive. I know that even if I didn’t like it there, I wouldn’t have minded because I almost always got to see a smile on my Mom’s face.

This was a big turning point in my life because, we had been moving all over the place because of my Mom’s job in the military and us being perfectly fine with it, just making friends and then moving away, to suddenly, not only did we have another parent in the house, an authority figure that wasn’t just a temporary babysitter or my siblings. But we had more family, and we stayed in the house for more than just a few years.

Things felt different too, at first it felt like I shouldn’t do things or touch things, but that’s how I am around any persons house, any house that isn’t my own. But soon it felt like home, when we had our rooms set up, when we had our stuff again, it felt like I could go out into the living room and watch TV if I wanted to.

Which helped me in the long run of making friends with my new family.

To this day we’re still in that house, things have changed, sure everything does, people have moved out, we’ve grown as people. But we’re still here, and when people talk about their childhood home, I don’t think about the ones I lived in before here, I always think of this one. This family. The two families that were broken after a failed marriage each, that found happiness together.

That is the biggest turning point in my life, because we all became truly happy.


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